Follow the money: Big Data ROI and Inline Analytics Study by Wikibon finds BLU Acceleration mature and cost effective

Wikibon has been studying the ROI of big data projects. In this paper, they examined the factors that yielded the highest rates of return and the most successes on big data projects. This was done through interviews with clients who had achieved the highest rates of returns and the highest successes.

The found that:

  • The biggest winners operationalized and automated their big data projects.
  • They made use of inline analytics to automate change in the operational systems of record.
  • The biggest winners focused on changing the operational systems for everyone and used feedback to make improvements, instead of making insights available to only a select few.
  • Inline analytics systems enabled real-time decisions within operational systems and without ETL processes that can take time.
  • The technology behind inline analytics systems included in-memory databases.
  • The study examines a range of vendors and provide their strengths and weaknesses.

BLU Acceleration in-memory technology is found to be “the most mature, relatively low cost and high-performing solution that can integrate OLTP row-based systems and columnar data for inline analytics”.


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BLU Acceleration found most mature