Use BLU Acceleration with SAP BW

Why use DB2 with BLU Acceleration with SAP?

BLU-SAP-CertYour SAP applications and database environment support core business processes, and so, solid performance and reliability are must-haves. Across business processes like planning, CRM, logistics and analytics, you must run SAP applications on a high-performance, cost-effective database platform to fulfill service level agreements and streamline operations.

Now more than ever, it is essential to derive value from the data by transforming it into insights — and that means analytics. Gone are the days when business users would wait for results or simply work with analytics that are non-realtime.  These users need specific realtime or near-realtime insights now.

This is where BLU Acceleration next generation in-memory computing comes in for SAP – to deliver fast business answers, simply.

DB2 proven database for SAP

For decades, IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows software has been delivering proven database support for SAP.  Certified for use in SAP environments, DB2 is a highly proven and tightly integrated database with a long track record of reliability. IBM extends this value with a business case that can help you deliver excellent service to your business while also controlling costs.

Fast, agile in-memory analytics for SAP BW

With DB2 version 10.5, BLU Acceleration in-memory computing was introduced to help clients meet BI requirements from their business users. BLU Acceleration is the next generation of in-memory computing because it is fast, simple-to-use and agile. This technology is hardware-friendly so you do not have to “rip and replace” your hardware investment. It efficiently uses computing cores through a range of patented data processing techniques that deliver excellent performance results.

For example, BLU Acceleration processes compressed data and intelligently skips non-relevant data to speed delivery of results and maximize server resources. Its actionable compression capabilities mean that you use less storage. And finally BLU Acceleration is a simple to use “load and go” solution that does not require tuning or index creation.  

“The whole concept behind DB2 with BLU Acceleration is really quite fascinating. I really appreciate their approach of giving me all the benefits of a columnar database, in harmony with a row-store, within the same database. What IBM has done that’s so special with BLU Acceleration is it enables us to deliver strong performance, even if the entire data set won’t fit into memory. That’s very special because in a Big Data world, I might not be able to fit all of my data into memory, even with very high compression ratios. DB2 gives me a single solution for a vital business goal: deliver faster analytics to our users.”
Andrew Juarez, Lead SAP Basis and DBA

Top all of this next generation technology off with  flexible user-based, core-based and terabyte-based pricing options that enable you to pay for the solution that best fits your needs. The result is a strong in-memory analytics and database solution for SAP– fast, simple, agile, certified, cost-efficient and proven.

DB2 and IBM Power Systems lead in SAP benchmarks

IBM Power Systems servers are designed specifically to handle data. IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration and Power Systems together can increase the performance of SAP analytics and BW workloads. This is the leading solution for performance in multiple 2-tier and 3-tier SAP benchmarks. (SAP benchmark information.) You can increase the performance of BW workloads and queries. For example, historical reporting and strategic scenario simulations can be processed in just seconds with this solution.

Next Steps

Now that you know the basics of DB2 with BLU Acceleration for SAP,  learn more. You can explore BLU Acceleration next-generation features, technical information, the IBM Power Systems solution,  access the resources on this page or visit the DB2 – SAP alliance page.

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