BLU Acceleration with new POWER8 processor

Put data to work: BLU Acceleration plus new IBM Power Systems built on POWER8

When it comes to analytic results, fast can always be faster. Together, DB2 with BLU Acceleration and the new generation of IBM Power Systems are optimized to put data to work – delivering even faster analytic performance.

BLU Acceleration delivers average 82x performance improvement on report generation compared to competitor running on x86 platformWith BLU Acceleration and the POWER8 hardware, we observed an average performance improvement of 82 times on report generation compared to competitor running on x86 platform. 1

It used to be “wait-for-results-and-get-coffee” analytics. BLU Acceleration on Power Systems built with the POWER8 processor obliterates this concept. Your results are ready at the speed of thought. Want to do some what-if or drill-down analysis with Cognos BI or other applications? Go right ahead – there is no waiting involved with a combined solution capable of working as fast as you can think of ideas.

Announcing the new Power Systems built on POWER8 technology

New Power Systems are specifically designed to optimize the performance of Big Data and analytics applications through a combination of advances in processors, memory and data bandwidth:

  • A processor designed for Big Data executes concurrent analytics queries in parallel faster, across multiple cores with more threads per core.
  • Increased memory bandwidth has a large, fast cache workspace to deliver faster results.
  • Accelerated data bandwidth brings massive amounts of data to compute resources in real time.

Learn about the new Power Systems built on POWER8 technology

BLU Acceleration on Power Systems built with POWER8

BLU Acceleration is included in DB2 software to processes data-intensive analytic workloads. Four key features make BLU Acceleration a next generation platform that can deliver answers fast and simply:

  • Next generation in-memory computing that does not require an entire massive data set to fit into memory in order to process it and is optimized to take advantage of the POWER8 processor.
  • Actionable compression preserves the order of data so it can be processed without decompression.
  • Data skipping detects and skips processing of data not relevant to the query.
  • Simple to use, just load the data and go.

When you add these advanced features to the innovation of new Power Systems, you can see why analytic performance is faster than ever. Learn more about these features.



1. Based on IBM internal tests as of April 7, 2014 comparing IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration on Power with a comparably tuned competitor row store database server on x86 executing a materially identical 2.6TB BI workload in a controlled laboratory environment. Test measured 60 concurrent user report throughput executing identical Cognos report workloads. Competitor configuration: HP DL380p, 24 cores, 256GB RAM, Competitor row-store database, SuSE Linux 11SP3 (Database) and HP DL380p, 16 cores, 384GB RAM, Cognos, SuSE Linux 11SP3 (Cognos). IBM configuration: IBM S824, 24 cores, 256GB RAM, DB2 10.5, AIX 7.1 TL2 (Database) and IBM S824, 16 of 20 cores activated, 384GB RAM, Cognos, SuSE Linux 11SP3 (Cognos). Results may not be typical and will vary based on actual workload, configuration, applications, queries and other variables in a production environment.
82x calculation based on geometric mean calculation giving equal weighting to the report per hour (RPH) improvements in the three categories of simple, intermediate, and complex reports. GEOMEAN(RPH_simple,RPH_intermediate,RPH_complex) = GEOMEAN(18.85,40.07,747.63)=82.66