Use DB2 with BLU Acceleration on IBM Power Systems

As data volumes explode, organizations are looking to quickly analyze more data to derive insights that can create business value. DB2 with BLU Acceleration on IBM Power Systems is hardware and software designed to work well together to deliver essential speed for in-memory processing.

The IBM Power Systems platform is optimized to run big data and analytic applications, while BLU Acceleration has been designed to leverage the capabilities of Power.

Power Systems is an open, secure and flexible platform that includes massive I/O bandwidth to deliver analytics in real-time. Built with the new POWER8 processor, the first processor designed for Big Data, Power Systems are further optimized to handle data processing needs like analytics and Big Data.

BLU Acceleration in-memory computing optimally leverages Power Systems’ large cache sizes and memory bandwidth. This accelerates access to analytic results and reports for data-driven decision making. The BLU Acceleration Solution – Power Systems Edition further reduces deployment time and effort, offering pre-installed and pre-optimized server, storage and software capabilities.

The result? The combination of these technologies is designed for affordability, helping you save on administration costs, reduce storage needs, lower TCO and fully exploit existing Power Systems investment. And when it comes to SAP, BLU Acceleration with Power Systems delivers load-and-go simplicity, excellent performance, and significantly lower costs.

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