Use BLU Acceleration with Intel Xeon-based servers

When it comes to data-intensive reporting and analytics, you increasingly need to provide line of business users with speed! And yet, from an IT perspective, you must “do more with less” cost and resources.  An ideal solution is BLU Acceleration on Intel Xeon-based servers.

BLU Acceleration, next generation in-memory technology

Use BLU Acceleration on Intel Xeon E7 v3 processorsThis next-generation in-memory technology offers extreme performance speed-ups and provides results as fast as you can think of the next question.  Our clients report hours-to-minutes speedups in reporting with implementation cycles that are complete in a few hours.

This technology requires no indexes and no tuning, making it a solution that is easy to administer as well. BLU Acceleration puts an end to batch reporting processes that have become untimely and inflexible. It enables users to perform more ad hoc reporting and “what-if” analyses.  Business users can work with insights that satisfy their needs for data-driven decision making. Learn more about this next-generation technology.

Intel E7 processors, big data insights with data center efficiency

The newest processor from Intel is the Intel E7 v3 processor, which is designed with data crunching in mind! IBM and Intel tested BLU Acceleration on this new processor, and the performance improvement was 246X better than DB2 10.1 running on Intel E7 processors.  Over the past five years of collaboration between Intel and IBM, there have been consistent improvements in processing speeds when these offerings are combined.

Intel Xeon E7 V3 processor running BLU Acceleration in-memory technology

Intel Xeon E7 V3 processor running BLU Acceleration in-memory technology

The new Intel Xeon E7 v3 family scales up to 18 cores, delivering strong CPU scalability and throughput, faster response times and the ability to run multiple complex queries simultaneously.  It offers strong performance in a smaller data center footprint, along with lower total cost of ownership (TCO). You gain reliability and uptime for the always-available enterprise at a favorable price point.  Intel Xeon E7 v3 is a high  speed, cost-efficient  processor designed for big data applications from your vendor of choice. Learn more about BLU Acceleration on Intel Xeon E7 v3