Use DB2 with BLU Acceleration with Cognos BI

Use DB2 with BLU Acceleration with Cognos BI

DB2 with BLU Acceleration integrates with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence to provide reporting and deeper analysis. You can analyze key facts and freely explore information from multiple angles and perspectives to make more informed decisions—all from within DB2.

Blue Hill Research has completed a research report of this solution and found that clients realized benefits such as:

  • Faster and better data-driven decisions through improved performance even with more complex queries and larger data volumes
  • DB2 clients were able to transition to BLU Acceleration easily through an upgrade process, all without new hardware, extensive integration efforts and additional extensive training
  • Cost-effective solution that also delivered the essential performance improvements
  • IT efficiency in the form of data compression, DBA time savings, and accelerated delivery of mission-critical analytics.

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IBM Business Intelligence Pattern with IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration

IBM has created the IBM Business Intelligence Pattern with IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration. This solution provides a fast, proven, predictable way to create a complete Business Intelligence system with in-memory data acceleration. The pattern deploys the best of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence with Dynamic Cubes integrated with BLU Acceleration for fast on fast performance with rapid time to value! One person, one hour is all it takes to get access to a data connection where you can begin loading your data into a completely functioning BI environment. Start deploying projects, modelling or whatever you want to do.

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