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Data is the basis of competitive advantage in today’s business environment. The organization that gets to the next level of insight first, wins. In fact, CEOs today clearly understand that data is the basis of competitive advantage, and this is where analytics come in to make the data useful.  Read the IBM Institute for Business Value study on analytics in regards to speed.

And so the challenge for the IT organization is to use techniques that rapidly process through multi-terabytes of data to create the insights the business needs – now! This is where in-memory computing comes in to rapidly process through massive data sets in the server’s fastest memory.

DB2 with BLU Acceleration is engineered to deliver on key must-haves for in-memory computing:

  • Fast– Through a combination of innovations from IBM Labs, BLU Acceleration provides breakthrough performance. It can reduce days and hours of processing time to minutes and seconds. You can analyze more data more efficiently than ever before to uncover insights for growing revenue, reducing cost and lowering risk.
  • Simple – With “load and go” in-memory computing and out-of-the-box performance, BLU Acceleration delivers the ultimate in operational simplicity. This makes it easier to meet evolving information needs and enables IT resources to focus on innovation, instead of routine maintenance.
  • Agile – BLU Acceleration offers true business agility, enabling faster business response through a choice of on-premises or cloud deployment options. Because performance is not limited by availability of memory, BLU Acceleration dramatically lowers costs. It is the only in-memory technology that runs on Linux on Intel, zLinux, AIX on Power and the Windows operating system. You can better optimize resources, increase return on investment and improve flexibility.

All of this means faster insights from data for ultimate business agility – to better serve customers, enter new markets, reduce risk, and improve the efficiency of operations.  What can BLU Acceleration do for you?

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Analysts and industry thought leaders give high marks to DB2 with BLU Acceleration.  For example, Bloor Research finds that BLU Acceleration in-memory computing should provide better and more consistent performance with less hardware and at a lower cost.  Read this and other reports:

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