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How does BLU Acceleration enhance reporting and analytics for clients?

Yazaki Europe Limited

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Handelsbanken249 x 185

This automotive parts supplier needs to deliver same-day to clients. They also need timely reports on business performance. BLU Acceleration is used with SAP applications to speed insights. Handelsbanken accelerates insight into data to reduce risk and speed regulatory reporting.


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BNSF Railway

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Daily reporting has gone from 3 minutes to 3 seconds with BLU Acceleration for thousands of users in this company. BNSF Railway analyzes data to meet its objective of on-time delivery of merchandise to customers. Data is key to achieving this goal.


Plansee group case study for BLU Acceleration

Balluff GmbH

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This client was up and running its first SAP reports in 16 hours and is experiencing performance improvements and lower costs. Balluff was experiencing slow reporting and moved the SAP Business Warehouse to IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration, cutting complex report execution time by up to 98 percent.

University of Toronto

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VSN Systemen BV

analytics for telco companies

The University of Toronto uses data insights to attract top students. BLU Acceleration helps speed access to insights and frees time to run additional reports to meet recruitment goals.

VSN Systemen is a  specialized provider for the telecommunications industry. They migrated analytics from Microsoft SQL Server to BLU Acceleration so clients can run high-speed analytics alongside online transactions data 160X faster.

Ekornes ASA

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TMW Systems, a Trimble Company


This large Nordic furniture manufacturer needed to overcome data volume challenges to enable deeper insight into sales performance. BLU Acceleration provided rapid access to key sales data. This transportation and logistics company has seen strong results from BLU Acceleration compression capabilities.


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Additional Client Quotes

BLU Acceleration in-memory database customers


TVB uses BLU Acceleration + IBM Power Systems + Cognos to mine data and understand viewer preferences.  Our clients love key features of our products including dramatic performance improvements in reporting, shadow tables for operational reporting, and load and go capabilities.