What’s new in BLU Acceleration, DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release” and Fix Pack 5?

New in-memory capabilities help you capitalize on business answers even more easily

Technology never stands still and BLU Acceleration is no exception! This product has been enhanced in key areas so you can:

  • Gain access to the fast answers BLU Acceleration delivers on Windows and zLinux tosupport a broader range of organizations, as well as data mart consolidation on these new platforms
  • Protect data at rest while saving administration time with native application-transparent data encryption
  • Deliver in the moment business answers from within the transaction environment
  • Leverage Oracle skills with SQL compatibility to enable simple, low-risk migration from Oracle database to DB2 with BLU Acceleration
  • Reduce risk and improve performance of SAP environments with 
    Significant enhancements to SAP Business Warehouse support
  • Take advantage of faster query processing and better data reliability by using BLU Acceleration on the POWER8processor

BLU Acceleration supported on Windows and zLinux for fast business answers to a broader range of organizations and applications!

New in BLU Acceleration is support for the Windows and zLinux platforms, in addition to the AIX and Linux platforms  which have been suppported since the debut of BLU Acceleration.  This expanded operating system support means that the power of next generation in-memory analytics is within easy reach of midsize businesses and departmental users. Many Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) users on Windows can now leverage BLU Acceleration to dramatically speed the performance of their Cognos queries. BLU Acceleration is available with DB2’s terabyte pricing option, so clients only need to pay for the volume of highly compressed data they manage in their warehouse. For clients using z/OS, BLU Acceleration can help consolidate data marts from distributed environments to a consolidated mainframe environment.

Protect data at rest while saving administration time with native, application-aware data encryption

With today’s threats, data must be protected when both at rest and in motion. DB2 with BLU Acceleration now makes it simple and easy for DB2 clients to keep all their data in DB2 fully encrypted at all times. DB2 has supported encryption for data in motion between the database and the application for several years. Now, data at rest in column-oriented BLU Acceleration tables can be kept fully encrypted, natively, without the need for external tools.This encryption is engineered deep into the kernel of DB2 which makes it transparent to applications: the application does not need to be aware of the encryption or be changed in any way. You can encrypt data in online databases, backups and existing unencrypted DB2 databases.

In the moment business answers with simplified IT environments

BLU Shadow Tables simplify the IT landscape with reporting and transactions in the same system. Shadow Tables allow clients to take advantage of the breakthrough performance of DB2 with BLU Acceleration for instant reporting and operational analytics directly in their transaction processing environment. By maintaining a column-based shadow version of row-based operational data, DB2 automatically routes analytic queries to the column-based Shadow Tables to optimize analytic query performance with all the advantages of BLU Acceleration while preserving high throughput for transactional processing.

Leverage Oracle skills with SQL Compatibility

BLU Acceleration offers SQL compatibility for simple, low-risk migration from Oracle database to DB2 with BLU Acceleration. This allows clients to leverage their existing Oracle database skills, investments, and data while taking advantage of the speed and simplicity of BLU Acceleration to deliver fast business insights.

Reduce risk and drive superior performance for SAP Business Warehouse

Significantly building on our SAP BW support, BLU Acceleration now supports a comprehensive range of SAP Business Warehouse objects. Major enhancements have been made to insert, update, delete, and data integration as well. DB2 offers superior performance for all SAP workloads, with greater data compression, simplified data integration and high availability. This enables SAP clients to maintain investments in existing environments and skills while adopting a next-generation in-memory database without disrupting their business.

Achieve the full potential of POWER8

DB2 is world’s first database optimized for the POWER8 processor. With BLU Acceleration and POWER8 hardware, we observed an average performance improvement of 82 times on report generation compared to a competitor running on x86 platform.

DB2 offers optimizations to take full advantage of the superior, concurrent multithreading capabilities in POWER8 processors as well as other POWER8 features that deliver faster query processing and better data reliability.

And don’t forget to explore other features in BLU Acceleration. This includes next generation in-memory processing, actionable compression, data skipping, CPU Acceleration, load
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