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Workshops and Services for BLU Acceleration

IBM offers a range of online learning, technical workshops and services to help you leverage DB2 with BLU Acceleration for in-memory computing.

Online learning

In addition to the online learning roadmap for DB2 with BLU Acceleration, you can take advantage of a series of on demand Tech Talks by our technical experts located on this page.

DB2 with BLU Acceleration Proof of Technology one-day workshops

The complimentary DB2 with BLU Acceleration Proof of Technology workshop provides practical hands-on experience as a one-day workshop. It covers topics such as an introduction to BLU Acceleration, creating column-organized tables, storage considerations, compression, data skipping, query optimization and using BLU Acceleration with Cognos. Contact your sales rep to see if this workshop is scheduled in your area or use the contact us page.


To adopt BLU Acceleration for non-SAP workloads, IBM DB2 BLUcamp can be of assistance.  This  workshop covers technical information about BLU Acceleration provides hands-on practice labs, then sets up BLU Acceleration to work on your specific  analytic workloads. For more information on BLUcamp, contact your sales rep.

Consulting services for adopting BLU Acceleration in-memory computing

IBM offers services that can help you quickly adopt BLU Acceleration technology. An example of these services is the IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration Implementation QuickStart service. Highlights of this service include:

  • Take best advantage of the new column-organized table feature by assessing assess hardware, software, and configuration parameters
  • Ensure optimal and appropriate use of the BLU Acceleration feature, with proven practices for your workload, by reviewing representative sample SQL workload requirements and related database data object designs
  • Discuss how to use  DB2 Explain, Workload Management, and IBM Optim™ tools to evaluate and optimize design and performance
  • Explain storage allocation and management considerations

Additionally, IBM provides various services that can be customized to help you make the most of your DB2 software investment .  To learn more about these services, please call your sales rep or use the contact page.

Services for DB2 and BLU Acceleration in SAP environments

If you are an existing DB2 – SAP customer and wish to adopt BLU Acceleration for your SAP NetWeaver BW environment, IBM has skilled DB2 – SAP consultants who can help you align with the SAP requirements (such as SAP release information, fixpack levels, etc.) as detailed in SAP Notes related to BLU Acceleration.

If you are not an existing DB2 – SAP customer wish to adopt DB2 or BLU Acceleration, skilled IBM DB2 – SAP consultants can also assist in implementing these technologies for SAP environments.  Visit the SAP-DB2 alliance page to learn more about the benefits of using these two technologies together. For more information on these services capabilities, contact your sales rep or use the contact page.