Big Data and Analytics capabilities on the Bluemix platform

Deploy Big Data and Analytics capabilities on Bluemix

BLU Acceleration for Cloud with BlueMix
You can now rapidly deploy structured data analytics and Big Data reporting in your applications!

Currently available through Bluemix, the IBM dashDB a powerful, easy-to-use, and agile platform for business intelligence and analytics. This enterprise-class managed service includes both in-database analytics and in-memory technology to deliver fast and robust analytics on large data sets.

dashDB can be deployed in applications as a fast, easy way to provide the structured data analytics and reporting that users need, while making it easy for IT to build, provision,  and manage these cloud applications.

The insights derived from all this data help empower business users to achieve a competitive edge and value from data.

What is Bluemix?

Bluemix is an exciting new open-standards, cloud-based platform for building, managing and running applications of all types (web, mobile, big data, new smart devices). Bluemix capabilities include Java, mobile back-end development, application monitoring, and other services— all through an as-a-service model in the cloud.

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