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Use BLU Acceleration to speed up analytics on z Systems on Linux

By Michael Kwok and Peter Kokosielis  DB2 with BLU Acceleration is a native column-oriented analytic engine capable of high compression rates and high-speed processing on compressed data. Simply put, when it comes to analytics and reporting it’s fast, easy to use…

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Shazam: the world’s fastest and simplest in-memory database,

Sam Lightstone on BLU Acceleration

What’s inside the DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release” for BLU Acceleration   Summary of a blog post by Sam Lightstone, IBM Distinguished Engineer and BLU Acceleration Architect As the architect of BLU Acceleration in-memory technology, Sam Lighstone gives us a glimpse…

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Why is BLU Acceleration the next generation of in-memory computing?

Amit Patel, Data Warehousing Expert

Eight features that make BLU Acceleration faster, simpler, more agile A blog post by Amit Patel, IBM Program Director, Data Warehouse solutions marketing In an earlier post, I wrote about why the time has come for in-memory computing.  However, not…

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