Memory slots evolution

Over the years there have being a great evolution in technology and IT product. As computer continue to evolve from age to age so also it memory slot. There have really being different significant evolution of computer memory down the history line throughout all the generations of computers.


The first attempt of a memory slot was called the SELECTRON TUBE. It was the first memory slot attempted but it was not successful maybe because of it enormous size and cost. For the huge amount of data size we Consumed today SELECTRON TUBE will be really irrelevant if it is still available because it maximum storage capability is not more than 5000 bytes which can’t even hold quarter of the information most of our computer holds today.

The next memory that was invented in the timeline was the MAGNETIC BOARD. It was created in the year 1947. Magnetic drum was a slight adjustment of SELECTRON TUBE. It could hold Data that which was as much as 10 KB compare to 5000byte of the SELECTRON TUBE. The magnetic drum gave the computers of that generation a different approach entirely.

In 1954, Rey Johnson led an intelligent IBM team to produce the first Solid state drive or hard disk drive. It was a far more better invention as it has more space for data storage compare to it previous predecessor. It also had a higher transfer rate and it was cheaper and very durable. It was initially designed as just a personal computer memory as it has about 5MB Worth of memory. Later in the timeline IBM also produced the first computer memory hard drive to have up to 1gigabyte worth of storage.


It was the next memory invention. It was a much better memory slot as it could hold more information. It was actually released for commercial sale in 1978 But the foundation of the invention has being in existence since 1959.


It was a huge improvement in the technologies. It was closely associated with the UNIVAC computers of the 1970s. Magnetic tape could store about 7000 characters in a single second.

Today, we make use of RAM ( Read only memory) as our memory slot. All The major computers and phones around us makes use of RAM. In fact, RAM are used to measure how powerful computers are. The higher the RAM space the better the computers are said to be. We have two types of RAM currently which are the dynamic ram (DRAM) and the STATIC RAM (STRAM). Both of these RAMs are unstable and temporary as they are cleared if power is being taken away from a computer.

Artificial intelligence

AI is the fifth generation of computer. It is the properties of computers to exhibit super intelligence Intelligence properties in contrast to the natural intelligence which are being exhibited by living things. Artificial intelligence is still at the development stage and it is believed that it will come close to bridging the gap between thinking and computing.

Artificial intelligence involves the abilities of machines to think like human being and perform some human abilities like solving problems and learning new things. The past few years has seen some major progress in artificial intelligence as we have seen some Independently operating cars, machines with voice recognition, machines that can play technical games like chess and go, and also we have seen some mechanized robots that can perform specific human functions. Artificial intelligence research first started in the year 1956 and since then it has experienced several ups and down. There was a time in artificial intelligence history know as Artificial intelligence winter when the funding for artificial intelligence was stopped abruptly because there was no major progress. The research was bought back in the early 80’s after a form of artificial intelligence which has to do with stimulation of knowledge and analytical skills of human was successful. Since then The Artificial intelligence market has being a very blossoming one as it is now used in medical diagnosis, logistics sector and other sectors.

More artificial intelligence machines are bound to be successful in the nearest future but there are some major obstacles that might prove to be a major issue in It success, some if which are the type of serving system it will be built upon.

In the future, I think the best server which will suit artificially intelligence machines will be the proxy server as proxy server will be fast and should be able to handle the large amount of data which the the artificial intelligence machine is making use of. Also proxy server has lesser risk involve and it works smoothly with one VPN service. This VPN on laptops has being tested and trusted and so I think it will suit any Artificial intelligence machines. Proxy servers could also be used protect information on the artificial intelligent machines.

Majority of organizations have claimed that they prefer the cloud server base and will be running the future artificial intelligence machines on it. Thou, some people believed if the cloud base could handle the large amount of data which some of the artificial intelligence machines will makes use of. This has lead to some doubt weather the cloud server base will suit the purpose.

On-premise seems to be the best option for artificial intelligence machines